2014 Egerton University Culture Week Failing


A leadership is the true reflection of the society they lead. You can only elect a reflection of your beliefs and values to office. You attract what you are.

As tough and demeaning these statements are, they hold true with respect to the Egerton University Comrades and their leaders.

Before I delve much into what I want to write about, let me start by apologizing to our esteemed readers at Magazine Reel for being offline today. Our site is a bit down but we are working round the clock to restore everything. Secondly, if you didn’t know, the Egerton University 2014 Culture week commenced with the “Insane Ware” on Monday and is quickly drawing to a close this Friday with Chris Eh Baba (sic) set to grace the gala night.

“Accept and move on” is a phrase synonymous with the political arena. It’s today being thrown left, center and right in a misusing manner. To silence the voices of reason, those in power tell them to accept and move on. To where? Why? The bad leaders we have today are the result of the good voters who did not go out to vote. Out of the 9 SUEU Executives, I can count less than 2 diligent and dedicate leaders with a thirst to serve the electorate.

Let’s look at the failure that is the culture week. I hope the leaders know what culture is in the first place. If they don’t then I can blame the recycling of old jokes in this year’s culture week on their ignorance. When I joined the Prestigious University, Culture week was all about ‘Professional Wear’, ‘Crazy Wear’, ‘Old School Wear’, ‘Uniform’ and ‘Traditional Wear’. On Friday, you go for the gala day and night where nothing but speeches, traditional foods and dances are served in unequal measure – leading to fights in some instances and boos in others.

Come 2014, the ringtone is the same. Substandard arrangements coupled with fame-hungry individuals masquerading as representatives of fashion. If you asked me, Egerton University Culture Week has no purpose on the students’ Calendar except for allowing guys come out of their cocoons and show their insane side. There’s nothing the students benefit from the event. It therefore needs to be reinvented or be done away with.

I’d go for reinvention. How?

First, let the planning committee be made up of people who understand what culture is all about and how it can help the students. Let’s not hurry into filling the positions in the committee with sycophants who know little or nothing about culture and its benefits. Secondly, culture week should not be an opportunity for insane people to compete for ‘the most insane’ title. It should be an opportunity, from Monday through Friday, for the students who have or are striving to make it in their various legal ventures away from studies to get to showcase their masterpieces and mastery of whatever it is they do.

Culture is not all about clothes, food and music. NO! It’s also about what people do for a living; what they do away from the norm to erk a living; their crafts; inventions; innovations and many more. Instead of ‘Crazy wear’ day, why don’t we set aside that day for students who have excelled in coming up with projects in Agriculture and are making money or about to start making money out of it? Instead of “Professional Wear” why don’t we have the day for those students who are entrepreneurs showcasing their entrepreneurial ventures?

I mean, we’ve celebrated clothing, food and music for far too long in the name of culture week. Nothing of benefits to students come out of it. We have students with Fashion and Modeling Agencies in Egerton; why not give them a day to showcase their designs and even make sales out of that? We have businessmen, media owners, caricature artists, farmers among others.

Or maybe the name should be changed from “Culture Week” to ‘Exhibition Week” for the message to sink home.

If you want people to respect you and what you do, you got to show them the reason to do so. Therefore, this years student leadership has failed in all aspects of life to give us(me) reason to respect them. The best most can do is threaten you and even block you on the various social media sites if you try to show them direction.

How I wish for this nightmare in the name of culture week to end as soon as possible we go back to our normal self. In the mean time, Magazine Reel will be back and top on the list will be an expose on:

– How the money meant for Class Reps allowances is ending up in other people’s pockets.


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