The Classreps Elections that Never Was


Today 7th March 2014 was a day set a side by the Class Reps’ leaders to conduct an election for fresh leaders into the three Offices that run Class Reps’ affairs. An alarm was however raised a day before the election day over three contentious issues: one, Class Reps are being paid Ksh. 500 after every two months as opposed to Ksh. 500 EVERY MONTH. Two, there was a preferred candidate for the position of Chairman picked by the SUEU Chairman in conjunction with the Class Reps’ Chairman in a meeting conducted in the night. This preferred candidate was to overlook everything the outgoing office-bearers did and be the puppet of the current SUEU Chair. Thirdly, the Class Reps’ money for the month of January was signed out by the SUEU Director for Finance but never reached the Class Reps.

On the D-day, more issues arose including the outright rift in the 2013/14 SUEU Executive; the over 2M shillings that President ostensibly left behind on the day he visited Egerton University; and the Electoral Commission that was to conduct the Class Reps Elections. This electoral commission had already developed rifts with some of its members being arbitrarily removed for differing with the rest of the commission.

It emerged that the SUEU Executive is already not reading from the same script. In a show of might and supremacy battle, the SUEU Chairman was reduced to nothing in front of the Class Reps by his Vice. Having changed from a humble and servant leader to an arrogant, bossy and overbearing tyrant, the SUEU Chairman has lived to prove the fact that ‘power corrupts’. In what seemed as an underhand in the battle between the Chair and his Vice, one person was conspicuously present  in the meeting and watching out for anybody to touch his lady who was determined to spill the beans.

The Classreps Chairman was not spared as he was put to task to explain where the over Ksh. 200, 000 meant for Class Reps allowances for the month of January had disappeared to. The presence of KCB Managers in the meeting could not deter comrades from demanding for what is rightfully theirs. In short, there was no election and SUEU leadership displayed their lack of leadership qualities and idiocy in the public domain.

My Take

The Class Reps themselves should handle their own matters. They should select their own electoral commissioners to help conduct the elections. Secondly, the issue of leaders squandering their subjects’ money needs to be brought to a stop. The Chair MUST account for the lost money before getting out of office. His move to hasten the elections was meant to see him out of office as quick as possible before his misdeeds are discovered. Once out of office, he would be answerable to nobody! Class Reps should not allow him get out of office before clearing everything.

Three, I have my personal differences with the Chair and his Vice, but what played out today in public was really unreasonable. If the claim that the Chair wanted to slap his Vice is true, then Egertonians have every reason to worry about the kind of leadership they settle on. Mr Hono is the true definition of the proverbial hyena in a sheepskin. He carried the demeanor of a humble servant in the campaigns but power corrupted him to an extend of showing his true colors.

Lastly, it’s evident that no one will ever be bigger than those who elected them to power. One can misuse the power bestowed on them by the electorate but a day will come when they’ll have to pay up. Class Reps are an entity with their own mandate and powers. SUEU is another entity with their own mandate and powers. It’s the Director Finance, the Academic Director and the Faculty Congresses that link these two bodies. Neither SUEU nor the Class Reps can impose anything on each other. The two needs to work independent of each other and devoid of any controlling.


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