What Next After Campus?


These being my dying days as an 8-4-4 member, I decided to ask myself this question and to fellow finalists. I also sought to answer myself and see where I fall in the three categories described by Shakespeare. This post was originally shared on Magazine Reel, but I brought it here to my family back here for you to share in my dying days at Campus.

Share in my thoughts on the keyboard… will you?

In primary school, pupils are told to ‘read hard to get to a good high school.’ Once at that good high school, the students are told to score ‘good grades that will earn them direct entry to Campus.’ Campus is the highest institution of learning on land. What next after college?

In an era of half-baked graduates, test-tube graduates and graduates who know not who they really are, it calls for an extra sense – call it the sixth sense if you like – for one to know the answer to ‘what next after campus.

In his book Twelfth Night  William Shakespeare illustrates that “Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them.” Relating that to the life after campus context, you’ll find those who were born great thanks to their family name and such. These are the ones who don’t need to struggle in and out of campus. They have family businesses to supply them with whatever they need without a sweat. At their beck and call, they get whatever they need whenever they need it.

Life After CampusLife to them after campus is a like a ride in a park. A life with no purpose but to wake up, eat, drink, order, watch and sleep. A hollow life. Take away the luxury and they will die of their empty life.

Then there are those who achieve greatness. The ones who not only know where the shoe pinches but knows when it’s time to get a new one. Their life is full of experience. Life after campus to them is simply a transition. They do not need guide-maps to guide them out of campus. Whether it’s getting employed or starting a venture, they know how to go about it – not because some godfather made way for them but because they created a way where no godfather could even think of.

Through their struggle to the top, they achieve greatness. They know how to guard their greatness. They are opportunistic go-getters who do not take a ‘no’ for an answer. There’s not ‘impossible’ in their dictionary of vocabularies. Driven by goals and aspirations, they have a future and everything against their future is an enemy. They fly with eagles in the world of imagination. They don’t entertain mediocre minds.

Those with greatness thrust upon them have nothing to show for their success. They waste too much time proving a point their parents or guardians proved ages ago. Having gotten used to being served bread and butter in bed, they know not the price of butter. Turbulent forces may lead them to an abyss of failure. If not, they may stabilize and become even greater.

Life after campus is not your piece of cake. It’s a journey. Remember YOLO. Make good out of yourself.


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