Of Moses Wetangula and the Luhya Unity

Hon Wetangula (second right) and Hon Chris Wamalwa (Second left) pose for a photo with student leaders at Bontana hotel, Nakuru

Hon Wetangula (second right) and Hon Chris Wamalwa (Partly hidden) pose for a photo with student leaders at Bontana hotel, Nakuru

Bungoma Senator detached himself this week from the CORD caravan to try and lay a foundation for his political future in Kenya. With 2017 looming and a rather disorganized CORD, Mr Wetangula, a co-principle in the coalition has to apparently restructure and strategize for 2017. And what a better group to start with other than Student leaders from the Expansive Luhya community? Bontana hotel in Nakuru paid homage to the meeting that was aimed at restoring the ever-elusive Luhya unity.

Luhya unity has become synonymous with the Kenyan Unity. Always elusive, thanks to personal interests. Allow me explain.

When Kenya gained independence, there were the likes of Mzee Kenyatta, Jaramogi Oginga Odinga, Masinde Muliro, Ronald Ngala among others. At the time, power was not a big deal until moments after those in power had enjoyed the privileges and fruits that come with power. Rifts were eminent culminating in the firing of Hon. Oginga from the Vice Presidency by the then President Jomo. A seed of hatred was sown and up until today, however much Kenyans will pretend to be united, there’s a dark cloud lurking in the shadows waiting to manifest especially in electioneering period.

Masinde Muliro was the point man in the Luhya community during Mzee Kenyatta’s tenure. His departure from the political scene left Mudavadi Snr.  in the control seat. It was not long before the likes of Kijana Wamalwa, Moody Awori, Amkoa Anangwe and Martin Shikuku emerged within the Luhya nation to claim their stake.

Luhya community has 16 sub-tribes. Almost each of these sub-tribe has a point man with a selfish ambition to attain. As a result, the luhya unity has remained a pipe dream. Witch hunting and backbiting has divided the luhya community even more. From Ababu Nambwamba in Busia, Moses Wetangula in Bungoma, Wyclife Oparanya in Butere, Bonny Khalwale in Kakamega, Jirongo in Kitale, Marende in Emuhaya to Mudavadi in Vihiga, the  Luhya unity is as evasive as the possibility of these leaders sharing a table.

That Hon. Wetangula is meeting student leaders in the absence of other Luhya leaders to strategize for 2017 and ensure the Luhya unity is another stint and self gratification and selfishness.

Luhya unity can only be attained thruogh meaningful roundtable talks between the political ‘stake-holders’ within the expansive Luhya region. Until that time when each of them will drop their ego and open up to  oneness, Luhya unity will remain a pipe dream. The operation 5,000,000 that Hon. Wetangula mentioned will remain just another political rhetoric until an agreement – and a sincere one at that – is reached.

Luhya unity is not a one-man show. It needs more than political good will and personal shenanigans. It’s a process that can be achieved if every Luhya, from those in leadership to those in the grassroots decide so.


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