What do you Expect from a Tech-Savvy Unemployed Youths?


According to an article on Kachwanya, that cited CCK, Internetworldstats.com, Facebook.com and Google Plus data as it’s source, there are 3.6 Million Kenyans on Facebook, and 1.5 Million Kenyans on Twitter. On the other hand, 80% of Kenyans are 35 years old and below. With close to40% of Kenyans being an employed, your guess is as good as mine that over half of the unemployed Kenyans are youths below 35 years of age.

With the increased number of Universities and middle level colleges, the number of Kenyans who have acquired tertiary education has increased. As a result, you will be correct to guess that most of Kenyans on Twitter who tweet like they will never tweet again are: one, youths – or at least below 35 years; two, educated – or t least in an institution of higher learning; and three, jobless.

With a government that has delivered close to zero jobs as opposed to the promised 1 Million jobs, one would expect a very idle workforce. Secondly, insecurity, infighting and incompetence is crippling our dear government from every corner. It’s like the West Gate siege opened a Pandora box of sorts. Kenyans are now fully aware that they are not only insecure in their homes, but also in their social media accounts… and God forbid, their bank accounts.

hackerAs the adage goes, “an idle mind is a devil’s workshop.’ It’s even worse if the mind is educated – half baked or not. You can’t imagine what a learned fellow would do. And here, I am not talking about Dennis Itumbi and his creation of Ishmael Omondi. How did the case go by the way? That was so lame of  ‘the Official Government Online Propagandist.’ He should have been smarter than that to create an Omondi and imagine him running an Al Shabaab Twitter Account.

Ooh! Where was I!

Yeah, an idle educated Kenyan youth. One who is able to access about 5MBs of Internet Data Bundles to use (or maybe waste away) every day. One who has access to an internet enabled phone or laptop – thanks to Safaricom, and maybe KU’s Soma na Tab. I am talking about that Kenyan who has enough time to ‘break’ news that mainstream media would think twice before letting them out ‘as they happened’. The Kenyans who will tweet a Sabasaba Rally Live as it unfolds while mainstream media is busy censoring it in fear.

What happens when suddenly there’s nothing to tweet? Curiosity sets in. The Kenyan youth want’s to answer all the ‘what if’ online questions they have. What if I tried hacking people’s accounts? Yeah, Just What If?

And so, they set off. “Anonymous” might not be the real “Anonymous” that once hacked Israeli Accounts. This might be a Kenya who needed a name to ride high.

Me thinks it’s either the Kenyan Educated and unemployed youth trying to teach the Government some lessons on the Importance of Cyber Security or Insecurity is so real that Kenyans are not safe anywhere.

Starting with the former, Jubilee rode on the ‘digital’ high horse to power. However, from the cash cow that was the Nakuru County WiFi that did not even function for a day to the dull presidential website, it’s digital dream seem to have ended with the appointment of one Itumbi. As usual, Kenyans can be cruel – especially when they sign in to their Twitter accounts. Botswana, Namibia, Nigeria and Uganda can attest to that… Are the same Kenyans trying to teach the Government a lesson on Social Media? Well…

Turning to the latter, It was the West Gate that was turned into a Waste Gate. Then came landmines and random bullets in the Northern Kenya. As if not enough, buses became unsafe in Nairobi with explosion after explosion. Shortly thereafter, there were explosions in Mombasa, followed by several, well planned and executed attacks on parts of Lamu County. However, because the rich – and the managers of this country – cannot be found in such places, the attacks have now gone online. Is Kenya becoming this insecure? Well..

What can we expect from an idle youth? Provide opportunities and jobs. Let them get busy. Have an easy time running the country.


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