Now is the Time to Pursue your Dreams!


When we were kids, all we wished for was growing up. The things grown ups were doing were always fascinating. They could leave and return to the house “whenever they wanted”. They could go to work and get money. All we had to do is sit there and wait for them to come back. Maybe, ask for one bob so that we go buy those biscuits that used to cost 10 cents. We didn’t care whatever job they were doing. It never mattered anyway as long as there’s food on the table…However, do you know that most of them were actually in the wrong career? Do you know that most of them


In High school, it was all fun and games until Continuous Assessment Test (CATs) and End Term Exams started streaming in. Talk of the Zonal, District and Provincial Mocks. One thing many a student didn’t realize is that high school is the best place to know the direction your career will take. Believe it or not, if you’re in high school right now, you’re at a great point in your life. You have your whole life in front of you. And now is a good time to start thinking about your future, to make some initial plans; just remember that plans can be easily changed. Now is the time to pursue your dreams!

Now, in our times – when a biscuit used to go for 10 cents – there were less and sometimes no mentors or career counselors. Those who were around were too busy or simply unavailable for us. However, today’s high school students have a greater chance of defining their career paths early enough in life. Opportunities are presenting themselves all over. You don’t have to wait till you finish your high school to know what career you want to pursue.

My Career Identity is a consulting firm that aims at ensuring that High School Students and those awaiting to join University get to select the best career that suits them. We’ve heard many stories of guys who got stuck in a career they don’t fancy. This is a scenario that the Career Counselors at My Career Identity are seeking to eliminate in the Kenya. With an economy that is driven by skill, it will be foolhardy to pursue a career that you are not comfortable with.

Parents to high school students and those of those students waiting to join University or College need to register them for a one day Career Workshop at Tangaza University on 28th November 2014. This is an opportunity for the students to discover their true career identity.


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