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You want me to Manage your online Presence – Your Blog, Facebook Page, Twitter and all the necessary social media platforms?

Or better still Guest-blog on your blog – Your style, topic of choice (or mine if you don’t mind)?

Or Offer Ghostwriting Services – Timely, your tone, structure and everything? (Psssss…. no one will know I did it!)

Would you like us to catch some coffee and talk about anything and everything? (Coffee = Ugali + Omena)

Well, Reach me through the following:-

E-mail: denshispeaks101@gmail.com
Mobile Phone: +254718843751.
Facebook: Denshi Shisia
Twitter: @Denshispeaks

Skype: Denshispeaks

Feel free to contact me at any time.


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  1. Just stumbled upon your blog man and I gotta admit that you have a way out with words and going through your blog has made me want to do more. I am a blogger too on fortheyeb.wordpress.com but many at times I have been complacent and I have to deal with flagging motivation every now and then.
    All the same you are doing great and I’ll obviously be a regular visitor on your blog from today henceforth and I hope you won’t mind checking out mine even though its still amateurish.

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