This is a collection. A collection of stories rather untold, of words rather unspoken and of nothing but me….well, that’s not an introduction..

How about this….

If you are looking out for some poetry, interviews with small people doing great things, campus issues, personal experiences or a young Kenyan’s perspective of regional and global issues, then this is the place to be.

Here, you sit down and listen. Whatever it is that you have to say must come after I finish telling you what I have to tell you. You can’t interrupt because – you simply can’t!

It was after a long period of time trying to figure out how I could share my stories from class, interactions with people, personal experiences and imaginations that the idea of the blogosphere came into my mind.

I must admit that it has not been an easy ride in the pack to come up with this platform but it has been the readers who have motivated me to continue sharing my perspective. Every time I come here to an increasing audience, I find the motivation to leave one more post. Kudos for being here to read, comment, share and even like my posts.

I do this out of passion and I will be sharing more and more even when someone offers money to do the same. My passion for writing intertwined by my nutrition knowledge and my love for telling stories, lifestyle, politics, being heard and food – yeah! i love food – keeps me on a writing mode every morning and something tells me that I won’t stop any time soon.

Welcome to denshispeaks and enjoy your time around.

And by the way, don’t close the door on leaving. Share and allow a friend – or foe – come in!


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