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Now is the Time to Pursue your Dreams!


When we were kids, all we wished for was growing up. The things grown ups were doing were always fascinating. They could leave and return to the house “whenever they wanted”. They could go to work and get money. All we had to do is sit there and wait for them to come back. Maybe, ask for one bob so that we go buy those biscuits that used to cost 10 cents. We didn’t care whatever job they were doing. It never mattered anyway as long as there’s food on the table…However, do you know that most of them were actually in the wrong career? Do you know that most of them


In High school, it was all fun and games until Continuous Assessment Test (CATs) and End Term Exams started streaming in. Talk of the Zonal, District and Provincial Mocks. One thing many a student didn’t realize is that high school is the best place to know the direction your career will take. Believe it or not, if you’re in high school right now, you’re at a great point in your life. You have your whole life in front of you. And now is a good time to start thinking about your future, to make some initial plans; just remember that plans can be easily changed. Now is the time to pursue your dreams!

Now, in our times – when a biscuit used to go for 10 cents – there were less and sometimes no mentors or career counselors. Those who were around were too busy or simply unavailable for us. However, today’s high school students have a greater chance of defining their career paths early enough in life. Opportunities are presenting themselves all over. You don’t have to wait till you finish your high school to know what career you want to pursue.

My Career Identity is a consulting firm that aims at ensuring that High School Students and those awaiting to join University get to select the best career that suits them. We’ve heard many stories of guys who got stuck in a career they don’t fancy. This is a scenario that the Career Counselors at My Career Identity are seeking to eliminate in the Kenya. With an economy that is driven by skill, it will be foolhardy to pursue a career that you are not comfortable with.

Parents to high school students and those of those students waiting to join University or College need to register them for a one day Career Workshop at Tangaza University on 28th November 2014. This is an opportunity for the students to discover their true career identity.


A Lifetime Opportunity for High School Students


“What would you like to become when you grow up?”

This is one question that every child in their Lower Primary school life is asked by almost every teacher. The answers are always amazing. These kids think of nothing but those supposed “big jobs” available. Their answers range from Doctor thruogh Engineer (never mind what type of Engineer) to Lawyer and recently Pastor.

However, in as much as the question remains unchanged, the answers given keep changing as the child advances in his or her academic life until when finally asked while in their final year of High School, there are those who would settle for any job. This is a journey traveled by every Kenyan child. After their final exam in Form Four, they have literally become Jack of all Trades but masters of none. In fact, if you asked them what they want to pursue in college, most would rather wait for the results to come out before they see what they can do! Pathetic, right?

img6 As a parent who would rather have a child who is in charge of their future, it’s during this time of uncertainty that you need to kick in and show direction. This would be hard if you, too, are a victim of this same system that robbed you the ability to think about ‘what you want’ and start thinking of ‘what your teachers want’ of you! Professionals come in handy to help at this.

My Career Identity is partnering with Tangaza University College, Karen to bring you a one-day opportunity like no other. On 28th November 2014, you can decide as a parent to either let your child wallow in uncertainty about their future or help them take charge of their true CAREER IDENTITY.

Now, this are this one of those one-in-a-lifetime opportunities that every parent must exploit for the benefit of their children. Registration is ongoing and only a few slots are remaining. It’s hard to imagine such an opportunity passing your son or daughter bearing in mind how hard these opportunities were to find during the days you were in high school. Allow your child get undivided one day attention from experts and come out already sure of what career path they want to follow.

What’s more on the offer? By the end of the workshop they will become My Career Identity members–a 6 months free membership opportunity. As a member there are several benefits which include opportunities for internships, one to one career counseling sessions, improvement in academic performance among other goodies. The team is dedicated to ensuring that students make sound decision when choosing their careers. Your child will be assisted in focusing on the best they can be.

At the end of the workshop, your child will definitely be oozing with confidence to pursue a career that they are suitable for. Do not hold your child in the house and deny them this golden chance to identify their True Career Path!! REGISTER HERE and book a Space for your child.

Don’t Say I Wish I Knew


Motivational speakers are some of the guys we used to look up to back in high school. You know, the ‘know-it-all’ kind of guys who would tell you about how University is a bed of roses surrounded with glasses and glasses of wine? Yeah, they used to tell us a whole load of things expect for one.

Banner1It’s 2008 end the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (or was it Examination?) is just around the corner. The Chavakali class of 2008 will know who Mshefa was. This is the guy who decided that if we part with some chums, he’d ‘read for us’ so that our work would be reduced to revising in the exam room. To cut the agony short, he never turned up and we’d to read for ourselves!

Motivational speakers were a good sight on school. They guaranteed some time off from our class sessions. We could listen to them with the hope of God introducing a ‘rewind’ button on time so that we start all over again. One thing these guys never told us though is what course each one of us was best suited to pursue on campus.

You see, they were to address like 300 students in 2 hours. This only meant that the furthest they could go was asking if anyone had a question. For the shy guys, that was the time to look down and wait for the next probe. As a result, we walked out of the rooms often as empty as we came in.

Things have changed today. You don’t have to get stuck in some profession your heart doesn’t belong to! Imagine a passionate writer stuck in a hospital …my story. Or an Engineer stuck in a literature class…how gross! Worse still, imagine a comedian in the name of Rowan Atkinson aka Mr Bean calling himself Engineer by profession!

He’s an opportunity to take charge of your career by discovering your true identity. When institutions such as My Career Identity team up with Tangaza University to take you through your discovery of who you really are, the best you can do is sit your ass down, listen and learn!

What’s more is the fact that only 40 students from the age of 16 years upwards will get this golden opportunity to learn from the best. If you ask me, this is a rare opportunity that if everybody needs to grab. As for parents, I’m sure you don’t fancy the idea of your child getting stuck in a career they don’t love. If you have gone down the career path, you must be well aware of the difficulties people in the ‘wrong’ career face with every passing day.

Enroll your son or daughter to this one day workshop at Tangaza University College and let them chart their destinies with regard to their career. After finishing form four or while still at high school, these are the opportunities you need to expose your child to lest they say later ‘I wish my parent could come thruogh for me’. Avoid such statements from your child

Parents who have children in high school, especially those in form two up to those who sat for their KCSE Exams need to take advantage of this opportunity. Let your child learn about their identity so that they can select the best subjects and careers that marry their identity. Waste no time and enroll.