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My Breakfast …


Coarse hair becomes thin scattered strands
As you part my ear with your fingertips
The gripping sensation upon my scalp,
Helps me feel the exactness of your love.

My thoughts are hazy, yet so focused,
Love is flowing from within our essence
A rising medley.
Sounds of expressions.

As we hum Cupid’s tunes, following the beats,
Love overflows and overtakes our bodies
It’s no longer in our control
We maximize on the feeling.

I embrace you with a sigh
You place your head upon my chest.
Our stomachs rumble in agreement
We glance at each other in recognition
Breakfast is in order!!


The Sales Lady


Her beauty supersedes the definition,
She oozes confidence with her walk
On her forehead are the rules of fashion
Driving sense to its home with her talk.
Slim, but not to compete with a wasp;
Tall, but not in competition with a mask,
The knowledge of her specialization in her grasp,
Entertaining busy bodies last.
A Kenyan girl with nothing to hide,
From her Zingwembe everybody can tell
Putting ethnic and religious difference aside:
The idea of one Kenya ready to sell …
The Kenyan sales lady …

A Story …


Hers was a life of struggles
Having come from a background of strife
Hearing tales and songs of dissilutionment
Hurting from the societal burdens

Hardened by the lifelong struggles
Harnessing all the energy provided by life
Holding onto the dream of empowerment
Hardly heeding the call for surrender

Hugging life together with its thorns
Horning her skills for a better tomorrow
Hunting for opportunities with eyes open
Helping herself on every plate life serves

Hanging her dreams on the pricky thorns
Hiking her goals every morrow
Heading straight for the pinnacle unshaken
Handling success with humility

Her star shining at last
Helping other girls see the light
Hooking them up with lifelong opportunities
Hastening societal transformation.

My True Rib


The moment you came my way
I knew I had found my rib
The one God took away
To make me a companion

Gradually off we started
Though unsure – full of hope
Day in day out we loved
Praying and wishing for the best

Days turned into weeks
Weeks into months of love
A love never imagined before
A love tender, yet true to the heart

Then came the day to unmask
Though strangers – we embraced
Though first date – we kissed
Revealing the bond enshrined

Never lost contact at any time
Always there for each other
Forever and ever
Because you are my true rib.